All the cool photos live here

This is a photo gallery demo project for Netlify Large Media made with photos from Unsplash and built with Hugo.

This project has two branches:

  • master: A photo gallery that does not have Netlify Large Media enabled yet. You can follow the README instructions to deploy this with your Netlify account and start using Large Media yourself.
  • large-media-sample: A copy of the photo gallery, with Netlify Large Media enabled. You can go to the files in the static/images folder to see how large media assets are managed with Git. This branch is used to deploy the demo site,

What can I do with this?

If you want to try deploying your own photo gallery with Netlify Large Media, please go to the README for how to do it.

Transformation demo with a sample image

With Netlify Large Media, you can do cool things like image transformation. Transform images by adding query parameters to the image URL. Try the tool below to play with different values and see how they work.

You can visit the documentation for more detail.

Sample Apple Image (original image: 5184x3456, 3.9MB)